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Your Summer Backyard Haven

It's almost summer and the excitement for our favorite season is palpable! Days spent swimming, playing and enjoying the outdoors are upon us, and this year we want to make the most of our backyard, so we have a few tips to share with you to convert your backyard into an absolute paradise for you and your family!

Section off your yard

This doesn't mean actually fencing off areas of your yard, but think about your yard in terms of sections for sitting, playing, planting, etc. Sometimes this is already done for your with a nice deck or patio space, a playset, planting beds, etc., but if not that's okay!

Create a space to gather

I like to have a nice relaxed seating area that feel like a living room. Some people prefer a picnic table and folding chairs. Other like some adirondack chairs that they can move around the yard, but even a blanket spread out in some grass will do. Whatever your flavor, create a space where people can lounge, talk, dine al fresco, and enjoy being together outside.

Create a space to play

This looks different depending on your phase of life. With young kids, this might be a plastic slide and water table. For older kids, you might invest in some swings or a wooden play scape for the backyard. Or maybe you might even go as far as to invest in a swimming pool, basketball court, or others. Whatever you enjoy doing outside, from soccer, to horse shoes, and more, make a space where you can play together as a family.

Create a space to plant

I enjoy having sweet scented gardenias and tea olives to fill the air with their sweet fragrance. But maybe you prefer a vegetable garden or a few blue berry bushes. Or maybe you just want as many flowers as you can fit in one backyard. Whatever you like, make a space where you can plant and enjoy God's creation for years to come. Be sure to check that what you plant is ideal for the zone you live in, so the plants have a good chance of survival.

Add touches that you'll enjoy

Maybe you have a family dog, and you need a nice fenced in yard to play with your furry friend. Or maybe you enjoy having people over to grill out. Perhaps you like staying out late into the evening and having extra outdoor lighting could keep the party going. Whatever you enjoy doing outside, tailor your space to accommodate what you love! There are tons of simple DIY solutions for adding lighting, lots of options for grills at your local home improvement store, and tons of fencing options for DIY or hire.

Got a project that you want to complete with a professional touch? Give Dove a call. We can help you design your space or complete the project for you.

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