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Tips for Storing Your Holiday Decor

'Tis the season to put up your holiday decorations! Or maybe not. Whenever you're ready, we've got a few tips to make it easier for you.

You’ve probably spent a lot of time and money to decorate your home for the holidays, so just throwing everything into a box just doesn’t feel right. While there are plenty of high-end storage options, you don’t have to go that route. There are many ways to protect your holiday decorations while they are being stored for the rest of the year.

Clear resealable bags

For less fragile ornaments, storing them together in clear slide-lock gallon bags is a great way to store them until the following year. This is also a good way to store shorter lengths of string lights.

Shrink-wrap your tree

For those who use an artificial tree every year, using shrink-wrap film is a wonderful way to keep it from getting dusty during the rest of the year.

Use cardboard to store lights

You don’t need expensive cord holders to keep your Christmas lights neat and tidy - cardboard works great! Plus, you can cut it to whatever size works best for your string length. You can even write notes about them (purchase date, the location used, etc.) on the cardboard.

Store bead garland in empty bottles

Beaded garland is pretty, but doesn’t like to stay wrapped around things. It will slide right into an empty water or sports bottle though! Just make sure that any beverage is thoroughly rinsed out before using - you don’t want a sticky mess on those beads.

Up-cycle storage containers for fragile items

For fragile items such as glass ornaments, try raiding your kitchen recycling bin! Egg cartons are great for smaller items. You can also use produce contains, yogurt contains, or even salad greens tubs. Shoe boxes are great for larger items, and empty paper tubes can also come in handy!

Hang up those wreaths

You can use clothes hangers to hang wreaths up when they aren’t on display, and this will help prevent them from getting crushed in a stack of decorations. To avoid dust collecting, slip a clean trash can liner over them. If you have a lot of wreaths to store and the space for it, you might want to invest in a clothing rack to store them on.

Don’t forget the hardware

Ornament hooks are easy to reuse, but often overlooked when it comes to storage. A small customizable craft storage case is a great way to keep those hooks in place along with zip ties, spare bulbs for string lights, hooks, or whatever else you tend to use when decorating.

Make a custom storage box

This is much easier than it probably sounds, and all you’ll need is a storage tub, some disposable drinking cups, cardboard, and some hot glue. Cut a sheet of cardboard to fit inside the tub, and then glue the cups to the cardboard to make a storage tray. The cups keep decorations in place without getting crushed, and you can repeat the “tray” as many times as will fit in the storage tub.

Protect your wrapping paper with a garment bag

Use a zip-up garment bag to store wrapping paper rolls when you want to utilize closet space or a wrapping paper storage container that doesn't fit your space.

We hope that these ideas help you make the most of your storage options!

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