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This Home Flew Off the Market... See why!

We recently listed a house for sale. This house had one major hang-up for most buyers - a large power line in the yard. See...

But, this house also has a LOT going for it, including a great location, no HOA, curb appeal and a completely renovated interior. And guess what... it sold quickly, even with a powerline going through the yard.

Let's break down how you can make your house move quickly in an aggressive market, even with something that some buyers might not like.

First, you should know that the real estate market for spring 2020 is going to be CRAZY aggressive. If you're buying, you better buckle up! But this is great news if you need to move property with something that might be less than appealing.

Let's look at the details that helped this house to sell, and what can help you sell your house too...

1. Bump up that curb appeal. Look how pretty this house is! Did you know that if your house isn't tidy on the outside, sometimes buyers won't even go in?! So, clean off the driveway, mow the grass, tidy up planting beds, spread some mulch, and make those weeds disappear. Make sure your front lights work, the shutters are looking good, and clean off the front door. You don't have to spend a lot to make a big impact when it comes to curb appeal.

2. Flooring makes a big impact.

We're not necessarily telling you to go out and buy new flooring - we're just saying that flooring is one of the things that stays with the house, and beautiful flooring goes a long way. If you already have great floors, clean them or have them cleaned, and clean the dust and dirt from your baseboards to really make them look their best. If your floors are old, dated, and in desperate need of replacement, consider making that happen before you list. Buyers want to be able to move in and make minor changes to make the house livable for them, and flooring is one of the most common reasons why a buyer walks away from a house that they otherwise like. Plus, we've seen buyers recoup the investment in new flooring time and time again.

3. Give buyers a neutral palette.

Bold color choices often scare off potential buyers. When you choose neutral colors that are universally liked, it can put your property ahead of your competitors. We're talking whites, greys, tans, etc. If you need help choosing colors, let us know. If you love color, we've got good news: paint is inexpensive and you can easily DIY painting walls, doors, trim, and cabinets. It is time well invested if you're looking to sell.

4. Make your kitchen sparkle.

It's no secret that baths and kitchens sell houses. You probably already know that they're also the most expensive spaces to update and renovate. So, take what you have and make it the best it can be. Fix what is broken - even if that means you need to replace an appliance. Clean and deep clean the cabinets, above the cabinets, the freezer, oven, microwave, sink, and more. Use a picky, discerning eye to make sure you really get every nook and cranny. Choose neutral finishes so the new owner can personalize the space in their own way. Paint your cabinets if they're looking dated. Polish your countertops or consider replacing them if needed. Make your kitchen a compelling part of your house.

5. Cut the clutter.

We know that you probably need to live in your house, and obviously this example has a house no one is living in, but clutter makes it hard to see your house. When you take the time to move extra clothes, books, and more into storage, or neatly store them in your garage, you visually help to sell your house. No matter how "good" the stats are on your house, if it's hard to look at, no one will want to buy it. We like to tell buyers to pair down to just what they need and nothing more. That means, just the dishes and kitchen wares you need, just the personal hygiene and bath items you need, etc. This also goes for home decor and accessories. Remove personal photos, clear off your coffee table and dining room table and use the approach that less is more. Because when you're selling your home it is. Plus, if you de-clutter, sell and give away the things you don't need, you'll be in better shape when it comes time to pack up your belongings and move, so consider this to be packing, phase 1.

If you're thinking about selling your home in this aggressive market, Dove Properties would love to help you! We've seen this type of market before, and we know how to navigate buying and selling when homes move fast with stiff competition. Let us be your expert guides and make this whole process easier and more enjoyable for you. If you'd like to discuss buying or selling, contact Dove today!

Want to see more of this lovely home? You got it...

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