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The Spring Real Estate Market 2020

Did you know we still do real estate? Yes, it's true! Our roots are deep in real estate and with a combined 20 years of experience in this industry, Brain and I will always love working with real estate.

But, I have to warn you... the spring real estate market is coming, and in Charlotte, NC, it's going to be CRAZY! I'm talking properties snatched up in a matter of hours, going for above asking price, and serious buyers need not apply type of market.

We've seen this before. We've helped buyers and sellers navigate the undertow of these swift waters. And we're here to help you too.

Here's what BUYERS should know:

  1. Be specific about what you want. The more specific you are, the better the chances of your realtor identifying an ideal property early so you can see if it's "the one" for you.

  2. Be flexible for showings. Properties are going to move quickly, so if you really like a property, shuffle your schedule around and get over there to see it in person.

  3. Look for the "bones" of a house. Ignore inexpensive finishes like paint, door knobs, drawer pulls and more. All of that is easy to correct with a low investment. When we talk about the bones, we mean the floor plan, the location, the lot, etc. It's more expensive to move a wall than it is to replace drawer pulls. Don't get hung up on details.

  4. When you make an offer, go in with your guns blazing. This is not the kind of market where you can put in a low ball offer and see if they accept it. This is a full asking price or more kind of market. Be ready.

Here's what SELLERS should know:

  1. Do the prep work on your house. Homes that move quickly will be the ones that have decluttered, clean closets, a tidy yard, neutral wall colors, and clean floors. If you want to get top dollar, invest some time and elbow grease into getting your home "show" ready.

  2. When you list your house, be ready for showings to start ASAP. Don't get caught in a slump - be ready to have potential buyers in your house as early as THAT day.

  3. Know where you're going. Properties are going to move quickly, and yes, you'll still have some time to find a place to move to after your house is under contract, but if you have a place you can move to - even if it's temporary - that will take some stress off of you during this process.

  4. Respond to your buyers in a timely fashion. Don't be a offer collector. Homes are moving quickly. If someone's offer is too low, just saw no and move on, so they can either adjust their offer or move on to something they can afford.

If you'd like experienced help buying or selling your home this year, please give us a call. We know how to navigate this market, and we would love to help you with your property.

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