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Storage solutions for the New Year

If you’re trying to think of some storage solutions for the New Year, we’ve put together a few ideas to get you started!

Over-the-door shoe organizers

If you’re not familiar with them for uses OTHER than your shoes, you should definitely give these another look. They’re perfect for organizing household cleaners in a way that’s easy to identify and store, instead of digging through cabinets. They’re also great for crafting supplies, toys, and anything else that easily fits in a pocket.

Switch to clear plastic bins and boxes

First and foremost, out of sign typically also means out of mind. If you don’t see what you have, you’re less likely to remember that it’s there and actually use it. Clear bins and boxes are easily available in a wide array of styles and price points, and they can help you stay organized while actually using what you have.

Use that negative space

For those unfamiliar with the term “negative space”, it’s a term in the art world for space around objects. Or under them! Is there space under a dresser or bed? Use it for seasonal items like winter boots or summer clothing.

When choosing new furniture, go for items with storage space

Drawers, space for matching bins, or tops that open - why waste valuable storage space opportunities? You could have a two-tier coffee table, or use a trunk with serving trays on top. Simply move the trays when you need to open the trunk!

Make visible storage decorative

A big woven basket is a great way to store and display extra blankets and throws. Go for something that compliments your room’s decor! Baskets can add interest to rooms, they are functional, and it’s easy to see what’s in them if they’re out in plain view.

Ditch the traditional nightstand idea

The nightstand as most people think of it is basically just an accent table. If that works for you, then great! Don’t be afraid to go in a different direction though. A small chest of drawers might be a better fit or even an open shelf. You don’t need to match the bed height as long as you’re comfortable. It’s your bedroom, so it should work for you!

Your TV stand doesn’t have to be a “TV stand”

So much of our entertainment today is via streaming, so do you really need a “traditional” TV stand? If the answer is “no” then you could repurpose an old dresser or sideboard. They’re probably going to have better storage space than most entertainment centers, and they’re usually wide enough to comfortably fit your TV.

Hang up your plants

Free up window sills and tables by hanging your indoor plants from the ceiling. There are various hanging planters available, or you could even macrame your own.

Maximize your kitchen cabinets

If the larger cabinets in your kitchen tend to feel like a mess, you might want to consider installing tiered drawers! These can help you better utilize the space that you already have. You can also use dividers for items like cutting boards and baking sheets so that you can store them vertically, instead of stacking them horizontally.

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