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Kitchen Makeover Reveal

Updated: Feb 26, 2019

When you renovate a kitchen, sometimes you really have your work cut out for you. That was definitely the case with this cutie of a kitchen that started feeling smaller and dark.


That's a whole lot of blah! And here's some more...

Plus, there was a pretty blah, dated breakfast nook and bar/eating area that is next to the kitchen:

Not great, right?!

Well, all of that changed. Our goal for this space was to create a lighter, brighter kitchen that seems bigger than it really is. Here's what we did to bring this kitchen back to life.

We started by removing the wallpaper and repairing the cabinet bases. The bases were still in good shape and with new doors and hardware, they would look like new once we were finished.

Next, we painted the wall above the cabinets and the cabinets themselves the same color. This is a game-changer for smaller kitchens, because it draws the eye up, creating more height and making the kitchen seem larger. Plus, using a neutral - but not white - paint color adds a touch of modern to the overall aesthetic of the space. Win-Win!

Next, we added shiplap to the walls. Wallpaper can leave walls a damaged and repairing can be a timely, detailed endeavor that is purely for the blemish factor (the dry wall is still structurally fine), so one fun fix is to cover those blemishes with shiplap. Plus, the white color of the shiplap makes the space brighter, while adding texture with the horizontal lines.

Here's a process shot, so you can see how things were shaping up.

New flooring for this space was a must! That linoleum was dated and damaged, so out with the old, and in with gorgeous new hardwoods.

And we can't forget lighting - crucial factor for this dark and cramped space. Ample recess lights make this space light and cheerful. Using recess lighting is another good way to give a space more height.

Once these key components were in place, it was time for the finishing touches - new cabinet doors, drawers and hardware, granite countertops, marble tile backsplash, stainless appliances, and refinishing the existing bar top between the breakfast nook and kitchen.

Are you ready for those after photos?


Gorgeous, right?! And it seems SO. MUCH. BIGGER. I never get tired of seeing how light colors and good lighting can transform a space.

And check out that refinished bar top!!!

Let's not forget the breakfast nook/ eating area...

Lighter. Brighter. More Modern.

We just love a good kitchen makeover!

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