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All Your Questions Answered

Updated: Aug 15, 2018

We've had lots of questions about transitioning to Dove, and we're going to try to answer them all right here.

1. Are you still in Real Estate?

Yes! Yes! Yes! We're still here to help all of our clients with all of their real estate needs. We're still Keller Williams agents. We've moved from a team based model to being individual agents, together.

2. Are you having another baby?

No. We're not pregnant, but thanks for thinking our babies are cute! We do too!

3. Why did you make this change to Dove Properties?

We've had a dream to incorporate various aspects we love most about our career into one business with specific focuses under one umbrella. With Dove, we are here to help clients buy and sell homes, and also to dive into renovations, learn about flipping and investments and formalize our own flipping business which we've been operating for years.

4. Are you still building the Old Haigler Inn located in Mint Hill, NC?

Absolutely! The Old Haigler Inn has been a dream for our family over the past several years. We finally found land and closed earlier this summer. We've been busy renovating a home for Starr's parents on the property, as well as moving our own family to another house on the property. The engineers and architects are all working to complete our plans for submission soon. We can't wait to share with you our ground breaking event, hopefully in the Fall of 2018. Stay tuned!

5. Do you really love working with each other every single day??

OF COURSE! We've been working together since 2012 and it just gets sweeter each year that passes. Waking up each day and getting to do work you love with the people you love by your side is a dream come true. Yes, we do still get on each others nerves. Sometimes.

6. How do you do it all? Don't you ever get tired??

Yep. We sleep really well at night. And by the way, we don't do it ALL. Our family is blessed to have so much help - with our kids, with our home, and with our business. Our parents both live close and we have had built in baby-sitters for the past couple of years. Now that my sister is going off to college, that might change a bit. Check back in after a few weeks and see if we're still surviving without our Joy. Also, we are intentional in spending time with our kids and stepping away from the business. Real Estate can be tough when it doesn't seem to turn off often. Creating boundaries with our phones and tasks is a must. It is a fine line to maintain our careers and our family life. Some days we do better than others. Also, don't come to our house unannounced. We don't have a housekeeper. HA!

7. Do you only do real estate in the Charlotte area?

Nope! We've bought and sold houses all over the east coast. If you know about a property we might be interested in acquiring, please do tell! And if you have friends or family looking to buy or sell across the nation, we have built an incredible network of agents that we trust and have full confidence in their services. We'd love to connect you with anything you need, anywhere!

8. How much real estate have you bought and sold over the years?

Through our team with Keller Williams, we helped over 1,000 families buy or sell a home in the past seven and a half years. Personally, Brian and I have managed up to 20 rental homes over the years (at one time) and have flipped somewhere around 200+ homes together. We've been a little busy, I'd say. You learn a lot about houses when you deal with that many properties and we love it! That's why we're starting Dove.

9. My house is too bad or I owe too much. Can you really help?

Helping people get out of houses that are too much work or they owe too much on has been our specialty for the past 10 years. Even if we can't help directly, we'd be happy to sit down with no obligations and share with you as many options as we can to consider before you lose a home or give up.

10. Are you going to have any more babies?

Ask Brian. ;)

11. Are you hiring?

We're always looking for talented people to help us in our businesses. We don't currently have any formal job listings, but let us know if you are looking to get involved in real estate or any aspect of our business. As we grow, our support staff will expand.

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