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Decluttering Like a Pro

It seems like decluttering experts are all the rage now, right? Having a tidy, spotless house sounds so wonderful, but how do you go about it on your own?

Set Expectations

First of all, nothing ever happens overnight. Even the projects that seem like they took a day actually involved a LOT of pre-planning and strategy. Are you going to magically reorganize your home in a weekend? Probably not, unless you’re living in a tiny house. So let’s talk about how you CAN organize and actually complete the project!

Start Small

Start by picking ONE project area to declutter. Maybe it’s your kitchen drawers, or an overstuffed linen closet. Think about how long it will take to declutter it, and then multiply that by two. Why? Because, nine times out of ten, things take longer than you expect for any number of reasons. Are you ready to get started? Great! Go ahead and grab any gear that you need - a stepladder, a chair, garbage bags, boxes for donating items, some all-purpose cleaner, etc., and get to work.

Take Action

Time to get started! It can be easy to lose focus or get overwhelmed, even with smaller decluttering projects. The key is take things out and sort them as you go. Group items together such as donations, recycling, discarded, and finally the items that you’re keeping. Are you actually using those old towels in the back of the closet? Do you really need two dozen mis-matched spoons? Probably not. Your community likely has a recycling center for items that can’t be donated, and some items that are slightly damaged can be “freecycled” by other people in the area. If you’re not using it, then why keep it?

One Action Leads to Another

Doesn’t it feel great to see less clutter in that one space? If you tackle one project area at a time, before long you’ll be well on your way to getting your entire home decluttered. Most people try to take on too much all at once, which only sets them up for exhaustion and discouragement. Don’t fall into that trap! Set your goal, make your plan, and tackle one area at a time. Unsure of where to start? Here are some ideas to get you going:

  • A bathroom cabinet

  • A dresser

  • A linen closet

  • Your off-season clothes

  • One closet

  • Three kitchen cabinets

  • Your Kitchen pantry

  • Your Kitchen counters

  • The freezer

  • The refrigerator

  • The laundry room

  • The drawers in a desk

Try tackling half a room, or just a section. Maybe there’s a box of old cords and electronic equipment that doesn’t even turn on anymore, or a bookshelf full of books that you are never actually going to read again but would be perfect for donating to a Little Free Library nearby. The point is, start with ONE project and get rid of everything that’s no longer serving you or bringing a smile to your face. Pros have teams, goals, and a plan. While you might not have a team of workers to help you out, you can definitely have a goal and a plan to make it happen.

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