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Add Fall Decor to Your Home in 3 Easy Steps

I LOOOOVE fall, and fall decor! It just makes everything seem so cozy and wonderful! But when I hop onto Pinterest and start looking for fall decor, it's easy to get overwhelmed by huge displays and lists and pumpkins on pumpkins on pumpkins. That's why I wanted to share my tips to make it easy to add fall decor to your home in a flash!

I like to think about adding decor by the space, and taking simple things or things I already own to spruce up spaces for each season. For fall, I focus on the front door, the mantle, and accents.

1. Front Door

Adding touches of autumn to your front door can be a simple or elaborate plan, depending on your aesthetic. I like to start with a beautiful fall wreath, some mums in burnt orange, golden yellows and burgundy, and a few pumpkins. That's perfect for me, but if you want to go for bonus points, you can consider adding bales of hay (fake or real), an abundance of pumpkins and gourds, fall themed signage, a seasonal door mat, cinnamon broom, corn stalks, and more! If you want to go big, you do you!

2. The Mantle

I like to add a few fall touches above our fireplace as well. I change it up a little every year. Sometimes it's pumpkins and leaves with a fall sign. Other times, it's some tall stalks and branches in vases with baskets for a more muted palette, and sometimes, I'll toss up some outdoor lights with pumpkins and lanterns for a black and orange themed mantle. I like to have fun with it, and as much as possible, I use items I already have or go outside with my kids and collect things to use.

3. Accents

For me, accents are things that you can touch and feel and smell that bring the season to life. In our home, that's things like pulling out some buffalo check blankets to cuddle under, buying a fall scented candle, and in general, just making the house a little more cozy as temperatures start to turn cooler. I might add a small chalk board or letter board to the kitchen so we can leave fun messages for each other, and even pick up a little apple cider at the corner market for a treat. Sometimes it's the smaller things like this, that add to your senses each season.

Whatever you choose to do to your home this fall (and no judgement if you do nothing at all), I hope you have a wonderful fall season!

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