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5 Easy Ways to Add Curb Appeal

It's springtime, and April is a fantastic month to spruce up things in your yard. Sometimes it's hard to know where to start, so here are our tips for 5 easy ways you can start adding more appeal to your yard this weekend.

1. Start by cleaning things up!

Look at what you've currently got going on in your yard, and make it look cleaner. Pick up any limbs and sticks scattered in the yard, trim hedges and shrubs, cut grass, and edge. If you have any trees the are overgrown, cut off dead limbs and depending on the height, you may need to consult an arborist to have the tree properly pruned.

2. Add some definition to your planting beds.

The easiest way to really freshen up planting beds is with some new mulch or pine straw. It defines that space and makes it look tidy. If you're looking to add some very clear definition to areas, try landscape edgers. There are a wide variety of materials you can use to match your aesthetic, and they make your planting beds look great!

3. Mix in some color.

A pop of color goes a long way in making your "curb" look fresh. Add some colorful flowering plants, a large brightly colored pot on either side of your front door, window boxes with greenery and blooms, or even consider painting your front door a cheerful color.

4. Make your mailman happy.

This might sound funny, but we're 100% serious. Give your mailbox a fresh coat of paint, add some nice new house numbers, maybe even a new door mat that will undoubtedly become a resting place for your oversized deliveries.

5. Shine a light.

Make your property stand out with some updated lighting at the front door or install some landscape lighting. Bonus points for adding string lights to your deck or patio! Lighting can help define spaces and add a touch of luxury to any outdoor space. Plus there are lots of easy DIY options for adding outdoor lighting.

Whatever you choose to do tackle, a little effort working on your curb appeal can go a long way - some experts estimate a 150% return on investment. So, what are you waiting for?!

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