Let Dove buy your home fast. We help people quickly move a property that they no longer want to be responsible for. We're honest, respectful, and want to help people who might be in a tough situation.



We all have a story, and so does your home. Maybe you feel like you are trapped by your home or property - too many problems, not enough money, and not enough time to make it all right. We've been there and understood what that's like. 


We're Dove, and we're in the business of changing stories - your story and the story of your property. We help people who are ready to lighten their load by purchasing their property for a fair value. We come in and update the property, giving it new life and a new chapter in its story.


We're not into high-pressure sales tactics or wheeling and dealing. We value people - we value you and your story. We want help. If you're ready, let's talk!


You've seen the signs on the side of the road, "We Buy Homes". They're typically touting that they'll buy your home fast. And maybe they do. But is what they're doing good for you?


We're different. We've been working in the Real Estate Industry for over 12 years, and we want to provide a purchase that is beneficial to you, the home owner, and makes fiscal sense for us too. 


We call it the Win–Win–Win model: 

A win for you - your home sold at a fair market price.

A win for your home - we'll invest and get it in peak condition.

A win for a new homebuyer - an updated home ready to start a new chapter.


Most homeowners that we work with find themselves in a position that they're looking to get out from the burden of...

  • An inherited property that needs work.

  • A home that needs lots of repairs... repairs that require more time or money than you're ready to commit.

  • A challenging property purchase and need to unload a current home quickly.

  • Mortgage payments that are piling up.

We understand needing to sell quickly - we've been there ourselves. Whatever the reason, we'd love to talk to you! Fill out the contact to get the conversation started. We can set up a property consultation and learn more about what your story and your property. 

Do you know of a house in distress or an empty home? Let Dove know!
We're always on the lookout for homes that need a little love!


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